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1 🙉 Cccccccc Ssssssss 🙉 Cccccccc Mmmmmmmm
2 🙉 Oooooooo 🙉 Aaaaaaaa Dddddddd
3 🙉 Cccccccc Mmmmmmmm 🙉 Tttttttt ธธธธธธธธ
4 🙉 Ffffffff 🙉 Ffffffff Vvvvvvvv
5 🙉 Aaaaaaaa 🙉 Aaaaaaaa 嘉嘉嘉嘉嘉嘉嘉嘉
6 🙉 Ssssssss 🙉 Mmmmmmmm
7 🙉 Jjjjjjjj 🙉 Ffffffff
8 🙉 Jjjjjjjj 🙉 Ffffffff Llllllll
9 🙉 Nnnnnnnn 🙉 ✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
10 🙉 Nnnnnnnn Mmmmmmmm 🙉 Xxxxxxxx Ffffffff

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Cccccccc Mmmmmmmm: good morning all

Cccccccc Mmmmmmmm: sorry joe had to go out ,back now

Oooooooo: Ciao neri

Nnnnnnnn Mmmmmmmm: Ciao

Dddddddd: are you there OBAMA?

Ffffffff: back to normal lol

Llllllll: la rivincita no?

Llllllll: Grazie e ciao

Cccccccc Mmmmmmmm: pazzo u there

Pppppppp: sorry for the initial delay.. good game

Cccccccc Mmmmmmmm: lol

Cccccccc Mmmmmmmm: good morning all

Ffffffff: well done

Nnnnnnnn: Nice game

Nnnnnnnn: Finally had some good luck.

Ffffffff: la belle???

Nnnnnnnn: Good.

Ffffffff: bravo

Nnnnnnnn: Very good tight game.

Nnnnnnnn: Enjoyed it as always even if my whining might make it appear otherwise.

Ffffffff: yes it was

Nnnnnnnn: I think I need to get going. Stay well.

Ffffffff: you too and thx again

Nnnnnnnn: As my Italian mom used to say in her broken English. youa welca.

Ffffffff: nice one

Ssssssss: Not today? i will be playing the comp then

Ffffffff: i challenged u earlier did u see it stef??

Ssssssss: no

Ssssssss: gg

Aaaaaaaa: thanks Stefano gg

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Scopa, also called Clean Sweep, is a traditional Italian card game for two to four players. It is easy to learn and highly addictive! You can play against the computer or challenge your friends to play online.

Point for a sweep
A sweep, in Scopa, is when a player can "clear the table,"that is, play a trick that results in there being no cards left on the table. In some variations of the game, this is worth a point. You can enable or disable this option through a checkbox when challenging opponents.
Beginner vs Advanced
Scopa can be played in Beginner or Advanced mode. Beginner mode is for those learning the game. The application provides instructions and hints for better gameplay. Statistics and rankings are not kept for Beginner mode games.
Points for Napoli
In some variants of Scopa, there is a special score category called Napoli. If any player has the ace, two, and three of Coins, that player gets three points, plus an additional point for each successive card in the "run."