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1 🙉 Cccccccc Ssssssss 🙉 Cccccccc Ssssssss 🙉 Cccccccc Mmmmmmmm
2 🙉 Llllllll Dddddddd 🙉 Bbbbbbbb Mmmmmmmm 🙉 Aaaaaaaa Dddddddd
3 🙉 Nnnnnnnn 🙉 Ffffffff 🙉 Tttttttt ธธธธธธธธ
4 🙉 Oooooooo 🙉 Ffffffff Vvvvvvvv
5 🙉 Ssssssss 🙉 Aaaaaaaa 嘉嘉嘉嘉嘉嘉嘉嘉
6 🙉 Jjjjjjjj 🙉 Mmmmmmmm
7 🙉 Mmmmmmmm 🙉 Ffffffff
8 🙉 Nnnnnnnn 🙉 Ffffffff Llllllll
9 🙉 Llllllll Dddddddd 🙉 ✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
10 🙉 Pppppppp 🙉 Xxxxxxxx Ffffffff

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Ssssssss: you are f uk ed in the head

Ssssssss: dum b K U N T

Ffffffff: cos you resigned a game which was on when you saw that i had 2 sevens, come on, i didn't born yesterday lol

Ffffffff: and you are very rude, so definitely not playing with you anymore cheater

Ffffffff: you are not an humble player stefano, you are very greedy about winning, not for me, go to play with carlo lol

Ssssssss: blo me frog

Ffffffff: woah, i've definetky made the right decision about you stefano, you are just full of sh... and vulgar, berk

Ssssssss: get used to it B I T C H

Ssssssss: U aint seen nothing yet, you should probably leave the site for good

Nnnnnnnn: Stefano, I thought you were not one of Marty's blow jobs. Apparently I was wrong.

Nnnnnnnn: Sorry I missed one.

Llllllll Dddddddd: thanks never good game

Llllllll Dddddddd: i would have played another game but I didn`t see you on the list anymore

Nnnnnnnn: BTW, Stefano, Frogarella does not deserve the BS you were handing out. If you got caught with your pants down just accept that you are a cheating scum and move on.

Llllllll Dddddddd: thanks never see you later

Nnnnnnnn: Ladi that was weird.

Nnnnnnnn: Thanks see you.

Llllllll Dddddddd: you said it

Nnnnnnnn: Have a good one. it is always good to play with you.

Nnnnnnnn: Obama got to go. Next time. Later hopefully.

Cccccccc Ssssssss: Carlo=25 A.D'stazio (203477)=14 grazie

Ssssssss: Never you are just another idiot on this site FU toooooooooooooooo

Nnnnnnnn: Steffy, you turd, let me explain this to you, if Frogarella says you are a worthless **** because you run from games you are losing, they you are a good for nothing worthless turd and what you say has

Nnnnnnnn: If you are not Marty, you should be because you can share stories of how pitiful you both are.

Nnnnnnnn: And Carlo, we know you are a Marty clone.

Llllllll Dddddddd: sorry eugene but you disappeared from the game maybe we can play again later

Llllllll Dddddddd: carlo don`t you ever want to play a game

Cccccccc Ssssssss 🙉

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Scopa, also called Clean Sweep, is a traditional Italian card game for two to four players. It is easy to learn and highly addictive! You can play against the computer or challenge your friends to play online.

Point for a sweep
A sweep, in Scopa, is when a player can "clear the table,"that is, play a trick that results in there being no cards left on the table. In some variations of the game, this is worth a point. You can enable or disable this option through a checkbox when challenging opponents.
Beginner vs Advanced
Scopa can be played in Beginner or Advanced mode. Beginner mode is for those learning the game. The application provides instructions and hints for better gameplay. Statistics and rankings are not kept for Beginner mode games.
Points for Napoli
In some variants of Scopa, there is a special score category called Napoli. If any player has the ace, two, and three of Coins, that player gets three points, plus an additional point for each successive card in the "run."