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Cccccccc Ssssssss: Carlo=12 loolooUK (224618)=2 grazie

Llllllll: fukn cheet terd

Cccccccc Ssssssss: OBAMA (212129) sei scappato

Nnnnnnnn: Hey Marty, you know that Capt Miki does not even come back to this site any more because of you? You know that right.

Nnnnnnnn: You and your minion of scumbag personalities in Carlo, Krissy and I wish I had a better memory but there are many others made his life miserable.

Nnnnnnnn: So one of the best, most courteous players on this site is gone because you are a low life, good for nothing, lying, cheating, annoying pestulance.

Nnnnnnnn: Don't worry, there is a special place in hell waiting for a special scumbag like you.

Nnnnnnnn: But probably not your mother and her wonderful cookies. She has to be forgiven after putting up with you in her basement for all these years.

Nnnnnnnn: Carlo, I will never play you scumbag. Do NOT ask me to.

Nnnnnnnn: Interesting Carlo, I type something and it does not appear on the page.

Cccccccc Ssssssss: Never (223870) sei scappato

Cccccccc Ssssssss: joe chicklo (217517) sei scappato

Nnnnnnnn: Its interesting I can sit on the site for an hour and as long as I am on there Carlo the Crybaby / Marty the Moron stays there and writes nothing. The second I am off he writes that I left a game.

Nnnnnnnn: Just another example of what a low life scumbag he is. Go eat some more cookies you low life.

Nnnnnnnn: There he goes again, challenging when he knows I won't play him.

Nnnnnnnn: Scumbag.

Cccccccc Ssssssss: Never (223870) sei scappato

Cccccccc Ssssssss: joe chicklo (217517) sei scappato

Cccccccc Ssssssss: unclelino (219025) sei scappato

Uuuuuuuu: Io sono il campione del mondo

Cccccccc Ssssssss: TinaP (221237) sei scappato

Pppppppp: Pazzo=23 Carlo Stepinetto (224423)= 15 grazie

Llllllll Dddddddd: carloTU SEI che scappa sempre why don`t you play anyone who challenges you

Llllllll Dddddddd: and take a win or a loss like a normal person

Bbbbbbbb Mmmmmmmm: lady game on

Bbbbbbbb Mmmmmmmm: ray u r on

Bbbbbbbb Mmmmmmmm 🙉

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Scopa, also called Clean Sweep, is a traditional Italian card game for two to four players. It is easy to learn and highly addictive! You can play against the computer or challenge your friends to play online.

Point for a sweep
A sweep, in Scopa, is when a player can "clear the table,"that is, play a trick that results in there being no cards left on the table. In some variations of the game, this is worth a point. You can enable or disable this option through a checkbox when challenging opponents.
Beginner vs Advanced
Scopa can be played in Beginner or Advanced mode. Beginner mode is for those learning the game. The application provides instructions and hints for better gameplay. Statistics and rankings are not kept for Beginner mode games.
Points for Napoli
In some variants of Scopa, there is a special score category called Napoli. If any player has the ace, two, and three of Coins, that player gets three points, plus an additional point for each successive card in the "run."